Jawsspot is a community of independent bars connected to the brewery. The history started in 2014 with bottle shop in Yekaterinburg, today we are open to enthusiasts ready to devote themselves to the development of Jaws ideas and flavors in their native region.

   Jawsspot is a new wave beer bar: bright and welcoming, where the all-weather classics and the tastes of beer discoveries of recent years are equally appreciated.

   A place for everyone and a point of attraction for the city's communities, people come here to drink beer and know its fair price. All year-round varieties of Jaws are permanently available on taps and in bottles. New beers and exclusives are traditionally greeted first.

   Jawsspot is the new wave of beer in your city. Catch it!



Jawsspot_Tour. Our bars

1. Jawsspot_EKB. Ekaterinburg, Turgeneva st., 5

2. Jawsspot_SPb. Saint Petersburg, Mayakovskogo st., 10

3. Jawsspot_NSK. Novosibirsk, Gorkogo st., 54

4. Jawsspot_NN. Nizhniy Novgorod, Kozhevenny lane, 10

5. Jawsspot_NK. Novokuznetsk, Kirova st., 64

6. Jawsspot_CHE. Chelyabinsk, Kirova st., 149

7. Jawsspot_MOS. Moscow, Valovaya st., 28

8. Jawsspot_AST. Astrahan, Fioletova st., 1-3

9. Jawsspot_TLT. Tolyatti, Noviy ave., 3

10. Jawsspot_ORB. Orenburg, Gorkogo st., 46/14

11. Jawsspot_SRT. Saratov, Solyanaya st., 6

12. Jawsspopt_SGT. Surgut, Yunosti st., 8

13. Jawsspot_KRSK. Krasnoyarsk, K. Marksa st., 96

14. Jawsspot_UFA. Ufa, K. Marksa st., 37/5

15. Jawsspot_KZN. Kazan, Profsoyuznaya st., 17

16. Jawsspot_PNZ. Penza, Kirova st., 57

17. Jawsspot_IZH. Izhevsk, Svobody st., 184

18. Jawsspot_PUSHKA. Moscow, B. Putinkovskiy lane, 5


How to open Jawsspot?

Let's begin with a mail to jaws@jawsbeer.ru with a few words about yourself.


Other bars from Jaws: 

"Atomic Laundry". The place where the legend began. Zarechny Sverdlovsk region, Bazhova st, 14.
"Looking for a Human". New wave Belgian bar. Yekaterinburg, Belinsky st., 30