We are a distribution company / bar / cafe / shop, whether we can get Jaws beer?

We use our pruduction capasity by 100%.


How to get beer for the bar / shop in Moscow / St. Petersburg?

Write us and we will send you the contacts of our partners in these cities or other regions.


Do you plan production expansion?

We do not have plans for expansion iт the near future.


May I get beer directly from brewery as the individual?

No, but you can get fresh beer in our jawsspot shop in Yekaterinburg, (Turgeneva, 3) or in the bar "Nuclear Laundry" in Zarechny (Bazhova, 14). You can find their phones in the section "contacts".


How much does it costs to order the beer under my private label?

From the moment of opening of brewery we decided to brew only the beer under our brand.


I am a collector, whether I can receive your labels / coasters for the collection?

Yes, to receive our labels and coasters, send us the letter with the enclosed envelope with postage stamps and the return address. We will enclose in it labels and we will send by mail. The address for letters: 624030, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Beloyarskiy, p.o. box 74 (with a mark "From collectors"). At present we don't carry out sending to other countries.


We want to offer you advertizing on our site / in the magazine and so forth. To whom I can talk?

Our advertizing is our beer and we are glad that today it is enough of it.


We write article about craft beer in Russia, whether you can answer our questions?

It is told too much about craft beer in Russia, we have nothing to add more.