Jaws are huge waves originating off the coast of the Hawaiian island Maui during the cold winter months. Just a view of this wave is bewitching, and it is difficult to find words to describe beauty and power. For many surfers, the conquest of this wave becomes a matter of a lifetime.

Jaws brewery caught its wave in the 2008th. We create cozy brewpub in the building of former laundry in small town of Zarechny (Ural region) that is famous for a nearby nuclear power plant. The first brews were dedicated to the taste of German and Czech-style beers - we kept the flavor of that times in our Bavarian wheat ale Jaws Weizen, the debut beer of the brewery that is still produced on a year-round basis.


The epicenter of the nuclear revolution decades before


2012 changed the course of Jaws, filled it with a juicy hop aroma. Inspired by the first success of IPA in Europe, we decided to introduce new beer flavors to our native region. A sequence of overcoming and friendly assistance allowed us to create the first version of our headliner, “Nuclear Laundry”.  This expressive naming combined the history and mood of the brewery’s local area. IPA with a powerful fruit bitterness of hops of the New World was not opening from the first sip to everyone, but the hypnotic bitterness returned to an alluring taste.


The first bottles of “Nuclear Laundry” IndiaN Pale Ale


Several boxes of our IPA reached Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg, – putting Jaws on map of the Russia new wave beer - this was how the chain reaction was launched, and today it still brings a lot of new people into the world of vibrant beer flavors.

Anticipating the first volleys of craft revolution in Russia, by the end of 2013 we had built a new state-of-the-art brewery, which allowed us to make beer the way we imagine it. From traditional lagers and IPA’s to barrel aged wild sours and icebocks, – our brewhouses open up wide technological possibilities for brewing.


Welcome to the Jaws!


Brewing has always been something more than raw materials and technology. An important part of the Jaws’ work is the collaboration sorts with family breweries from around the world, during which we not only create new flavors, but also adopt the philosophy and approaches of family productions.


Ekaterina – hybrid of Russian imperial stout and Belgian dark strong ale, created in collaboration with the oldest family brewery of Belgium, Het Anker


Today Jaws brewery is consisting of two plants. The main one is in Beloyarsky – it is the place of origin of our core range as well as seasonals on one-time brews. The historical brewpub in former laundry today is entirely devoted to experiments with wild fermentation. These works rarely break out of the walls of the plant, remaining a gift to lovers of our beer on special occasions.


Shades of beer flavor


From year to year we continue to catch waves of new flavors, acquainting them with an increasing number of people through the family of Jawsspot bars throughout the country. Jaws is very different, but always on the same wave with good taste.


Let’s stay on one wave!